Have you been unjustly accused or prosecuted for anything in Collin County? Have judges abused you that you need to put the truth on the record.  Have appointed attorneys lured you into a false sense of well being just before you were sentenced to long jail time or unjust probated sentences? Has the blind woman opened a blinking eye to you and falsely accused you without your rights keeping you safe? If your name has been subject to attack by anyone falsely, please make sure and provide those details in this forum soon to be provided for Collin County Texas to keep those that are to maintain order in law and justice accountable to voters here in North Texas. You can put just about anything in writing here without bad language or untruths, but here is reserved for abuses of the system that has injured you or a loved one. It is simply a record of abuses for voters to ;ook at before casting a ballot for any judge or other elected official knowing a little more about their personal behaviors and possible questionable activities that are not ethical and sometimes illegal like any other small business would encounter. I hope to use this site to help individuals vote their conscience and rid this county of its bad apples that are spoiling the entire county with their with criminal operations. 

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Have you spent large sums of money or time involved with these crooksters that has left you feeling lost and without hope? Do you spend most of your life now looking back at the way you were treated and wonder where the good guys went and how did these phony acting  officials get into office in the Great State of Texas? Have you come to the point of recognizing that there has to be some way to remove these bad guys and replace them with decent people that we can trust and count on to be fair? How much longer can we put up with trolls spending the valuable resources of our county court system on prosecuting their enemies and refusing to prosecute their own friends and work associates? 

We must continue along this path and we must create new life in this judicial and political system. Many of these individuals that have worked their way into these important and powerful offices are not faithful to they positions and must be removed, but it will take voters to remove them.  Voters continue voting these people into power because they have no real and true understanding of who and what these individuals and their political buddies are doing in these positions of power.  It will take constant revelation of these activities that are destroying the political and legal system and it requires constant maintenance . Voters are normal citizens that work hard and long and having to be actively involved sherriffing these outlaws eats into their family time and budgets. 

Sites like this one is one way to maintain a voice in the system and make others aware of the corruption involved in these offices. Sourcing this site with information and updates of your own personal knowledge will effectively help focus on what you do best--running your business and aiding in educating voters on who truly is the best candidates. .

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